I recently got this email, “I’m sorry to be rude but you are wrong. Some people are unlovable and it’s my own fault because everyone can’t be wrong. Death is the only friend for people like me.”

Dollarphotoclub_62334764I used to feel that way, unloved and useless but then I decided to love myself. It was a process. I now truly believe only the love is real, that expansive energy of creation, pure unconditional love. Fear, self hatred, judgement are all part of the delusion created by our filter system.

We are trained how to perceive reality. Our version of reality is often distorted by the beliefs of society, our parents and the people around us. Our physical world is frequently filled with anger and fear.

Love expands, fear contracts.

The world that fear builds is limiting and distorted. When we let the light of love in our life transforms.

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter Series

Watch what happens in your life when you leave the light of love on. Lovable is just a belief as is feeling unlovable. You can argue for your limitations or surrender to the truth, love!

Currently the world is struggling with fear about the Coronavirus

The virus isn’t the real problem, the fear is.  When I first heard about it in the news I had rather fearful thoughts, is this the end of the world? But then I thought what if they announced the flu statistics with the same drama and fear.

Yes, there is some need for concern but not over the top fear.  Same with the stock market. If you have retirement money in the stock market and leave it alone the market will eventually rebound. If you listen to your fear of losing more money and you sell off your stocks your money will be gone.

Everything, including money and health are simply energy. A world built on love is joyful and expands. A world built on fear is sad, worrisome and contracts.

Which world would you rather live in?

That choice is yours thought by thought. I suggest your choose love! Health, happiness, joy and abundance all are born of love.IMG_7807 adj Susan Gregg

With lots of love, joy and expansion,

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