I find watching the news very interesting. I noticed when they started talking about how bleak the economical outlook was. It didn’t take very long before the economy really was in trouble. I wonder what would have happened if all the news agency had predicted a strong economy? My hunch is the economy would be doing much better!

I have long since let go of the idea that my well being is in any way attached to ‘out there.’ At one level the news makes the news. I used to suffer needlessly before I realized I was the director, actor and producer of my own life. I found it both scary and empowering when I finally understood that my thoughts do become things. After some trial and error I started focusing on thoughts that I would enjoy living.

In the 1930’s during the “Great Depression” more people became millionaires than in any other time in history. And isn’t it interesting that it is called the great depression. My parents both grew up during that depression. My dad’s family had very little money while my mom’s family owned several butcher shops and did quite well. Growing up during that era affected both of my parents in very different ways. I remember my dad showing me how to straighten out rusty nails and sorting them into sizes.

Today I know abundance or prosperity is a state of mind. If we feel poor we will never attract great wealth. I remember my dad telling me it takes money to make money. He meant it negatively but I changed its meaning and it became a useful mantra. I realized that when we feel abundant, when we know there is more than enough we attract more money. I realized that it isn’t the money that makes money it is our internal state of mind.

I am so grateful that I took the time to rework my definitions and started to harness my thinking in a positive way. There was a time I avoided watching the news or reading the newspaper. I was afraid of hearing about a murder or a downturn in the economy because I believed it could upset me. Avoiding ‘negative influences’ was time consuming and futile. When I started embracing all of life, just the way it was my life certainly improved drastically!

I equate retraining my mind to taking the time to sit down and remove a pebble from my shoe. I could get comfortable and learn to walk so I don’t feel the pebble, but when I take it out it sure feels a whole lot better.

So, when they started reporting that the economy was taking a turn for the worse I was able to listen and not be affected by their reporting. Changing my world’s view was a process. Believe me it was a journey well worth taking. I truly believe that as more of us take that journey the world will be a far different place. I am so grateful I did!

Take time to write about your definitions of money, time, and abundance. Tweak them until they help you create exactly what you want. Your words do have power. 

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With an abundance of love and aloha,

“This stuff seems like brainwashing,” said the student.
“Your brain needs washing,” replied the teacher.