Mother Nature is so incredible. Monday I took some friends up to the top of Mauna Kea. We hiked into Lake Wai’au which is at 13,000 feet elevation. It is an incredibly magical and powerful place for me. My Aunty had suggested I go there to connect and ask for the goddesses’ help. What a gift these islands are in my life. I just downloaded the picture I took and once again the energy of the place is evident!


On the way down we felt the ground shake a little. When I got home I found lots of broken glass and terrified animals. There had been an earthquake and actually had more damage from this one than we did from the big one last fall. Then it was time to get ready for hurricane Flossie. After much ado we had some balmy breezes and some much needed rain.

Once again I was reminded about how powerful our perspective really is. Standing on top of Mauna Kea there was the slightest movement of the earth. Just a slight jiggle. At my house obviously the house rumbled and rolled. I had two Kwan Yin statues, one broke and the other one fell off an altar in a way that was quite – umm shall I say unusual or miraculous. She managed to vault over the candles, leap from the back of the altar and fall several feet away from the foot of the altar.

I am writing a book on deities, saints, angels and ascended masters so I was curious what sort of message Kwan Yin had for me. The deadline for my book has been moved up from November to September 1st. I was pushing myself pretty hard to write, write and write some more. That night I got the message to stop and smell the flowers. Her message was a reminder for me to relax and enjoy the process.

It is so easy to get so caught up with doing that we forget to just be in the moment. No matter what is happening the only time we can fully experience it is right here and right now. When I was writing about the saints that message came through loud and clear. When I began researching them I realized I had a huge judgment about suffering and martyrdom but as I wrote about St. Agatha all that changed for me. I read her story and was appalled. She had both her breast crushed and then cut off. I thought what is spiritual or even useful about that! I meditated a bit and put her aside for the day. I asked myself how I could see the saints through the eyes of love and went about my day.

When I again began writing I realized her message was one of love and compassion. She was able to remain at peace in the midst of horrific physical torture. She really brought home the message that “life is and then we tell ourselves a story.” Her story was one of love, peace and compassion regardless of what the people were doing to her.

The saints have reminded me in a profound way that I can be happy no matter what is happening in my life. I suggested that my students do some research on the saints and find one that they can play with for a while. They are amazing men and women able to perform miracles, bio-locate, levitate and do all sorts of things. If they can so can you and I!

My next podcast is about to go live – so tune in and check it out!!!

With love and aloha,

“This stuff seems like brainwashing,” said the student.
“Your brain needs washing,” replied the teacher.