I often wake up early and lay in bed listening as the world wakes up. The birds begin to sing and I can hear the chickens stirring.

I love relaxing and listening. My life is an amazing life. Honestly I could never have imagined life be so rich and full.

I recently adopted three kittens and one has three legs. She had her front paw amputated. She gets around just fine but she can’t wash her face very well. Yesterday, I noticed one of her little friends doing it for her.

Sunday I was just starting to do a healing session when I noticed the wind. The greenery here in Hawaii is very lush. Huge leaves began to shake and do a beautiful dance thanks to a gust of wind that moved across the field.

An invisible force made itself visible much like our thoughts do in our life.

Early yesterday morning I decided to take my dogs and my parrot Sadie for a walk. It started to rain so my parrot and I got a shower while the dogs got muddy. As I returned home there was a beautiful rainbow arched over my house. The beauty was worth getting wet.

I used to be depressed to the point that I tried to take my life several times.

Life didn’t change, I changed and then my life reflected those inner changes. I could have been upset it was raining and ran home but I would have missed the rainbow.

I can watch the news and get upset or I can be a loving witness. Sending prayers, love and healing to even the most upsetting story.

As I write this the sun is about to rise. Today people will be born and some will die. Wild fires will change the landscape. Some people will have to face icy roads.

There will be violence, sadness, rage and the opportunity to see the invisible force behind it all – DIVINE LOVE. That invisible creative force, that divine intelligence that gives each of us life.

Much like the wind there is a force (I call it love) that gives us the gift of life with each breath. We can give thanks for that life, fill each breath with gratitude or fill that breath with our judgments, fear and limiting thinking.

Freedom, happiness, joy, abundance are all just a thought away. So are misery, depression and fear.
The question is: What will you choose?

Our world can continue to spiral into darkness or each of us can become a beacon of love and light.



Sinking deeply into the embrace of Divine Love

Looking at the world and giving thanks for its divinity

You are loved

You are lovable

You swim in a sea of love 

The only thing that is real is love

Change your thoughts, change your beliefs, change your life.

Are you tired of missing the rainbows in life?

If you’d like some help making that shift I still have a few spots left in my class staring next week.

It will help you start seeing the rainbows in life.

With a big smile and huge hug,

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