emotionsI just read an article about releasing bottled up emotions and getting rid of the emotional leftovers from childhood. The woman had been terminally ill, recovered, thought she should only experience gratitude forever more and seemed to think emotions were damaging. Well they can be but not the way she thinks.

I was tempted to respond and tell her freedom is just a thought away but as I read some of her other articles I could clearly see her filter system and realized my comments would  be unwelcome.

Ironically our filter system creates all of our emotions. We don’t have to forgive or release or do any other dance to be happy, joyous and free in the moment. All we need to do is clear out our filter system. We only need to be willing to see things differently and that can happen in a moment or take lifetimes.

We never see reality we only see our filter system

What exactly is our filter system? It is the sum total of our beliefs, agreements, assumptions and attitudes. I called it a filter system because we literally filter our experience of life through it and then ironically begin to believe it is reality.

All of our emotions are the result of our inner dialog which is generated by our filter system. All of life is emotionally neutral. There are no emotions inherently attached to anything but try to tell that to our filter system. We believe our beliefs and have emotions dependent on those beliefs.

We’d rather be right than happy

More people commit suicide during the holidays than any other time of the year. Why? Because we have an image of what the holidays mean: family, happiness, love, peace on earth, joy, peace of mind, the perfect gift, the list goes on and on. When the experience doesn’t live up to our expectations our emotions can become overwhelming. Ironically we define both the experience by what we tell ourselves and we define the expectations or at least our filter system does.

In hundreds of different ways we fight to maintain our filter system and don’t even realize that is what we are doing. No matter what is happening around you YOU CAN BE HAPPY if you choose to be happy.

Listening to that quite still voice

There is the quiet still voice of our spirit, that limitless part of ourselves that sees only love. There is also the raucous, loud, demanding voice of our filter system. I never learned to listen to the voice of my spirit as a child so I was engulfed by the emotional perspective of the people around me.  At times I still am and as soon as I am tired of being off center and I can reconnect with my soul and be at peace.

When you listen to the voice of your spirit your filter system dissolves and you see only peace. You make your choices based on love and magic and miracles become a part of everyday life. It does take practice. How many years have you practiced reaffirming your filter system and believing it?

Is the dog wagging the tail or the tail wagging the dog?

Are we choosing our emotions or are our emotions dictating our actions? The lighter emotions like joy happiness, bliss, gratitude are healing to our bodies. Anger, sadness, hopelessness are toxic to our body. In the Toltec tradition the universe is viewed as a vast energy system. Law of Attraction talks about much the same thing. If we want abundance and ease in our life it makes sense to create emotions that will support that.

Emotions overwhelming?

Simply take a few deep breaths, allow yourself to get centered and tell yourself a story that promotes a feeling of ease. It really is as simple as changing your thinking. Granted that takes practice but so does holding onto your filter system. In five years which do you wish you had practiced?

Stress and the Holidays?

I prefer to think of them as the holydays, an opportunity to celebrate what is and decide what I want to create next. Life can be a wonderful celebration of what is with the understanding that you get to decided how you feel about whatever is. You can empower yourself, begin to create more of what you do want and just plain old be happier. Just practice consciously choosing your thoughts.

With love and aloha,


P.S. – I have a program designed specifically to help you change your filter system and I just re-opened it with a lower price and a holiday gift. It’s called, The Art of Allowing and the video below explains more about your filter system, where it comes from, and how best to change it using the Art of Allowing program. When you practice listening to the voice of your spirit, and make it a weekly and even daily exercise, you move into that peaceful space and are able to stay there with more and more ease. Find out more about the Art of Allowing and the holiday gift that is still available…

photo by Alice Popkorn

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