heartsValentine’s Day often brings that empty feeling up to the surface. After years of looking for love I finally decided to love myself and celebrate the holidays just for me, cards, and chocolates, the whole nine yards.

Once I stopped looking for love out there and really loved myself, I found Bea. I’ve seen that happen over and over again over the years while working with people. Once they stop looking out there for the love and find it within, their life’s partner shows up.

The first year Bea and i were dating I tried desperately to get a reservation at our favorite restaurant. I finally did for the early seating and we celebrated our fist Valentine’s Day together.

Valentine’s Day REALLY mattered, or did it?

It seemed so important then but now, 23 years later we generally spend the day quietly at home. This year I am making her birthday cake a few days late and the strawberries will look very festive. Her cake is made with love, by me and my goddess self.

We are having two private retreats this month and they are both about love. I will have a wedding ceremony for each of the women in which they marry themselves. It is a very powerful thing to do. I did a ceremony years ago for one of my students and it changed her life.

I have found people often have resistance to doing.It is sort of like doing mirror work, very powerful but, “hell no I won’t do that!” Most people I work with aren’t that blatant in their resistance but when I ask them the next week how the mirror work went they generally have excuses about why they didn’t get around to doing the exercise.

How do you think your life would change if you found your soul mate or twin flame?

Leaving loneliness behind, opening to love

508068594Isn’t it time to let your inner goddess out? She really can kick ass and transform your life. She sees all, knows all and can lead you in the right direction. And all of that and more with ease, love, compassion and joyful laughter.

Looking for love? She will show you the way.
Want more money? She’s got your answers.

Surrender to the wisdom of your wise self and watch what happens!

Yes you are wise.
You are definitely lovable.
You do have the power to create what you want when you want it.

Would you like help connecting with that loving, powerful Goddess self? Learning how to find that awesome life and love you’ve always dreamed of? Set up a complimentary Loving Life Session with me now!

Imagine what we could do together!!! For one thing we could leave loneliness behind and let your goddess roar.

With love, aloha and my goddess self smiling,