broken dreamsFor more years than I care to remember my New Years Eve list contained some of the same items. Year after year I wanted to lose weight, stop smoking and have more money. Three goals that I knew would make a difference in my life.

After a while I felt like a failure. It was like this gray ooze just spread over my entire life. I felt like I was in a little movie called Pleasantville and my life was in black and white. I became suicidal (Obviously this story has a happy ending). I tried everything except what would actually work. Can you relate at all?

What did I do to become unstuck?

I made lots of small changes but the two biggies were:

  1. Learn from my past experiences (they were no longer failures they became events that didn’t have the outcomes I wanted but they contained valuable information that I could use moving forward)
  2. I focused on loving and accepting myself just the way I was!

Whatever you want to change in your life you can. You just have to come up with the right recipe. There  is no need to suffer or to judge yourself. Make – “I am perfect just the way I am” your mantra. When you  don’t get the results you want in your life you ARE NOT a failure you simply don’t have the right recipe yet.

I haven’t smoked for over two decades and recently someone told my I was too thin. I own a beautiful home in Hawaii and I have the privilege to help people find their own sweet spot and create the life of their dreams. I look back at all those years of depression and hopelessness and I realize I couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

So love yourself and learn some new recipes. Well actually learn how to use your life’s experiences so you can find your own path to  freedom, happiness, joy and the ability to have whatever you want when you want it.  In hindsight I realized I always had all the answers. It was just that sometimes I didn’t know the right questions to ask.

Can you relate at all? Do you struggle with anything? Ever felt like a failure? I’d love to read about your stories in the comment section.

With love, aloha and lots of joy,

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