How many miles have your thoughts traveled?

I once read an article about how far out in space human beings original radio signals travel each day. I saw a science fiction movie in which ET’s were attracted to earth because of TV shows from the 50’s (what a scary thought!)

Imagine each and every thought or word you have ever had or spoken. Think of them traveling into space, forever held, forever spoken, forever reverberating through space, for all time, eternally. Are there any words or thoughts you wish you could take back?

Our thoughts create our emotions and they dictate how we feel

This world is a vast energy system. We are like radio towers constantly receiving and broadcasting. Our body uses our five senses to translate energy so we touch, taste, feel, smell and hear the world. Think about how you feel when you are really happy. Think about how it feels to be very disappointed. You just created those feelings, the world didn’t.

Your thoughts do become things. Your life reflects what you have focused your attention most frequently. What do you think about that? Ready to change your thoughts yet?

Did you know that every rainbow is unique?

Each rainbow is formed from light that hits your eye at a very precise angle. Someone standing next to you will see light from a slightly different angle and therefore see a different rainbow. I love rainbows and no one else can see the same rainbow as me.

Without you the universe would be incomplete. You matter. Focus on loving yourself unconditionally. Affirm your value and watch your life transform.

Today is the only day you have the power to change and you can start it over right now by knowing you are loved, you are love and you are lovable.

With love and aloha,

I am opening up my apprentice class for the month – great way to change your thinking rapidly and create a life based on what you do want …. just a thought