IMG_1099[1]I am enjoying my time in Latvia and Lithuania. Tuesday night I gave a talk and a number of people came up to me smiling broadly, thanked me and gave me a big hug.

One woman told the group she wanted to share her story about going on a hike that lasted almost a week, all alone. At first she was afraid but then she remembered something I had said and decided to face her fears.

It was late the first night and she had been sitting in her tent terrified. There were lots of people walking around with flash lights. She expected to be assaulted at any moment. Then she decided to face her fears and stepped boldly out of her tent. Instead of people she saw a lighthouse in the distance.

For the rest of the trip she consciously chose to walk near the edge of the cliff and in the deepest parts of the sea. She went on to say that her life had totally changed and thanked me. Her face was filled with joy as she related the story to the group. When she finished the group exploded into applause for her.

Once of the reason I love returning to the Baltic Sea each year is I get to see people a year after they have worked with me and I get to hear all the amazing stories of magic and miracles in their lives. I love helping people transform their lives and deepen their connect with the love that always surrounds us.

As I often say in the groups: You are love, you are loved, you swim in a sea of love and only the love is real. What an amazing way to live our life!

I’d love to help you live your life that way as well. When I return at the end of September I will be opening up my coaching/training program. I only work with 6 people at a time so make sure you sign up early for the free call to explore if we would be a good fit or not.

Just fill out this form and I will contact you to set up our free call.

I find the statistics on this form interesting – fewer than 3% of the people take the time to actually fill out the form. Just filling out the form will bring you greater clarity and it will be a statement to yourself and the universe that you are ready to change. Take the risk of stepping out from behind your limiting thinking and see the beautiful lighthouse that love is!

I’d love to see your comments. Would you have walked 80 kilometers alone? Would you have stepped out of that tent? Do you have a similar story you’d like to share?

With love, happiness, joy and aloha,