All-Time Favorites

This page is still growing and changing so stop back often …. soon it will be filled with free guided meditations, videos and other great stuff.

My Free Teleclasses

These are one of my personal favorites because I get to interact with you, live time. I love answering questions and just having fun. These classes just keep getting better and better as more people show up with awesome questions. By all means check these classes out!

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Finding the sweet spot of love

Finding that smooth spot of love from Susan Gregg on Vimeo.

Free Guided Meditations

Here are some guided meditations that will soothe your mind and help you connect with your spirit. Enjoy!
Quieting your Mind: Envision your mind as an expansive body of water, your thoughts like waves and ripples in the water. Observe them move past as you float, weightless on the surface of your mind. You see that you can quiet your thoughts by smoothing the ripples with your hand, like wrinkles in a fabric. Thoughts may come, like ripples and waves and you can have fun with them but you can always return to serenity with a wave of your hand.

Blessings and Gratitude: You find yourself in a place of pure energy. Surrounded by millions of individual points of this energy, you inhale warmth and love and exhale any sense of judgment or fear you may have within you. You begin to feel gratitude toward everyone involved with your life and you can begin to allow this incredible feeling to change the way you see everything.

Blessings, gratitude and being blessed: Prepare to be guided into an inviting realm where friendly faces come together to experience this blessing. The warm, luminescent mist swirls about as though it bears life itself and it imparts to the travelers within a sense of comfort and joy. Heart and mind are touched and the traveler receives blessings and feels gratitude well up from within.

Creating an Inner Sanctuary: In this guided meditation you will create within you a beautiful staircase that descends to a kind of library where you can feel most at home, loved and in the presence of your wisdom. Come here whenever you feel the need to affirm the love you receive and take a moment to be at peace.