screen shotThe world that FEAR built

Saturday morning I awoke to the ear splitting scream of a civil defense warning of incoming missiles, telling us to take shelter. Just as I woke Bea up her phone went off with the same message.

I lived in NYC during the Cuban Missile Crisis and remember the drills and the fear. Like hiding under our desks would have done anything.

My first thought was to gather up the animals, pour another cup of coffee and turn on the TV to see if I could find more news. It never occurred to me to panic, it was too late to do anything other than tell Bea I love her and snuggle with our family our parrot, cats and dogs. It took Civil Defense 38 minutes to issue a retraction.

Sunday On Facebook I still saw people stressed out and upset about the event. On the news their were images of parents putting their kids in storm drains and people running around screaming.. Fear can be a powerful driving force. Fear is the reason we have nuclear war heads to begin with!

What would LOVE do?

I have long felt that we missed an amazing opportunity at the end of World War II. Instead of judging war and the Nazis we could have asked ourselves, “What kind of environment allowed this to happen?” “How did we as a species create a man like Hitler?”

The short answer is judgment and fear.

Do you want world peace?

Do you have a judgment about racism, prejudice, hatred and sexual predators?

What would LOVE do?

For years I thought my life’s purpose was to make the world a better place but then one day I realized that idea was based on a judgment – the belief that the world wasn’t perfect just the way it was. When viewed through the eyes of love the world is perfect.

Who am I to tell a terrorist they MUST live in a world of peace- to them that would be a living hell.

Thought by though we are either adding more love or more fear to the world.

At times it is a struggle but as much as possible I choose love. And choosing love to prevent war isn’t love at all – it is just my fear trying to control the world. That is often where my mind goes “Say WHAT?”

Practice love and see what happens to your life. Miracles become every day occurrences the more fully we embrace love.

Wednesday at 9AM Hawaii time I will be doing a Facebook live video all about love, acceptance, magic and miracles. Hope you can join me. As always I love reading your comments and connect that way so post away!!!

With love and aloha,

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