Aloha from Page Springs, AZ,

I am getting ready to conjure up a magical experience for a bunch of people in the form of a week long retreat. We are going to spend time in a a canyon, hike around the Sedona area, meditate, eat great food and shift energetically. I have set aside a week and traveled a long way with the intent of creating a shift in consciousness.

So, what does that have to do with you? How can that improve the quality of your life? You could set aside a bit of time to do the same thing for yourself. Take a retreat day or at least part of a day or even better set aside a whole weekend just for you. How much time to you actually spend on focusing on what you do want to create in your life?

Do you wait until life catches your attention before you spend time retraining your thinking or do you have a regular routine that works for you? are you willing to take some time this weekend and tune in to the awesome adventure called limitless living?

As a species we seem so resistant to step out of the box created by our filter system. Give yourself that gift. Sunday I will be doing lots of wonderful energy work with the group. Go out and look up at the moon and allow yourself to tune in, allow all your fears to be washed away and allow love to take its place.

I just love serendipity. To me it is an indication that I am in the flow. As I was writing this post my editor for my angel blog on Beliefnet Sherry sent me a URL where you can make these word clouds. I played around a bit and I love it. Here is a word cloud for you about fearless, limitless living. Definitely post it material!

Wordle: having fun

With a great deal of love, gratitude and aloha,