Aloha everyone,

Last week I promised you a powerful way to deal with fear. When I first tried this technique I had a great deal of resistance but believe me it works! Making choices based on fear often create undesirable results in life. I used to try to ignore my fear and focus on positive thoughts instead. Not very effective in the long run.

Okay, so instead when you have a fear about something here’s what you do. Say you are worried about money. You find yourself worried about paying the bills, instead of simply affirming abundance do the following exercise.

Imagine the worse possible scenario. You have lost everything, you are homeless, you are living in the street, you smell bad and are totally miserable. Then ask yourself if that is what you want to create. Chances are the answer is no. So feel that, really feel that no and then ask yourself what you would like to create. Imagine yourself having lots of money, clearly picture it. Then ask yourself if that is what you would like to have and feel the yes, really feel it.

Whenever the fear comes up repeat the exercise. Fear is most damaging when left to smolder in our subconscious. In the light of day it fades and losses all its power.

With love and aloha,