Aloha everyone,

How much does fear affect your life? How often do you make your decisions based on fear? How aware are you of your fears?

The three masteries of the Toltec tradition are awareness, transformation and intent. Changing your point of creation from your mind to your spirit requires mastering all three. Being aware of your fear, embracing it without judgment and knowing how to transform it into love will totally change your life.

Hear are few ways to work with your fear:

  • Observe it and remind yourself what it is you’d like to create
  • Consciously create fear when you are feeling safe and then let it go
  • Avoid feeding your fear by reacting to it with more fear
  • Laugh at your fear, turn it into a cartoon version of life
  • Connect with your spirit and choose how to act
  • Practice acting rather than reacting

Have fun working with your fear and if you have any tips you’d like to share feel free to post them in the comments section.

With love and fear, practicing choosing love,