I have been rereading A Course in Miracles lately and in it fear is explained as a misperception or belief in separation. We all are, after all one so what is there to fear?  In the Toltec tradition they view the universe as a vast energy system that has consciousness and is infinite and eternal.

Fear can only exist when we believe we are what I call our small self.  When we align ourselves with our spirit fear becomes an illusion, it is no longer an issue and we realize it is simply a misperception on our part. The presence of fear is always an indication we have aligned ourselves with our ego/mind self and have once again begun to believe that we are separate. When we align ourselves with our spirit fear no longer has meaning or the power to control us, there is only faith, peace and joy.

We can actually learn to use fear as our guide. Whenever fear is present it is an indication we are believing we are separate and we can make the choice to align ourselves with our spirit. We can actually begin to celebrate fear as a gentle guide leading up back to our true nature. Fear becomes a reminder, rather than resisting it we can use that energy to shift gears and create a life beyond our wildest dreams.

Are you ready and willing to let go of your limiting beliefs and move out of hell and begin living in heaven instead? Letting go of our filter system and stopping ourselves from successfully arguing  for our limitations is a process that takes discipline, dedication and lots of practice.

It is a wonderful journey well worth the effort! I hope you join me in heaven today!

With love and aloha,