Aloha everyone,

Fear creates more suffering on this planet than anything else. It is at the root of all cruelty and much of the violence we see. Fear is a learned behavior and anything we learn we can relearn in a loving and more expansive manner.

How many of your choices are fear based? The main objective of the Toltec tradition is to change the point of creation in your life from your mind to your spirit.

I often get e mails from people that believe one of the greatest opponent of a spiritual warrior is death. Since life is a fatal disease fighting death or viewing  it as an opponent seems like a set up for misery. I believe that if we free ourselves of fear our connection to our spirit becomes so profound that we can walk through the portal of death with total awareness, but I digress.

Learning to shift your feeling state from one of fear to the expansive energy state of love is an incredibly powerful tool. I find the following three step process invaluable.

1. Expand your awareness so you know the many faces of fear.

2. Acknowledge the fear and enhance your willingness to release the fear.

3. Consciously shift gears from fear to love.

The more often we choose love the more we deepen our connection to our spirit and shift our point of creation.

With love and aloha,