We are constantly talking to ourselves. I call that conversation our inner dialog and beginning to make that dialog conscious is a huge step toward achieving personal freedom. The thoughts we have are often things we would never say out loud to another person.

I have a vivid imagination and can just picture a world in which, just for a day, everyone’s thoughts were broadcast from a tiny speaker affixed to each person head.  I imagine there would be lots of disagreements and surprise revelations. Some people might profess their love while others create huge rifts in most of their relationships.

If we wouldn’t share those judgmental thoughts with others why continue to share them with ourselves?  Today you will think 95% of the same thoughts you had yesterday. So, if you decide to change that inner dialog into a loving litany of positive affirmations and make that a habit eventually those 95% will be uplifting and nurturing.

We are either consciously choosing our thoughts or playing a rerun of yesterday. Which would you rather hear? Moment by moment, thought by thought we make that choice. So start choosing love as often as you can.

We really have only two choices: love or fear.  Just for today decide on love as often as possible.

With love and aloha,