The world is a huge energy system. Energy is never stagnant. It is either expanding or contracting. Our emotions are energy in motion. Just like a radio station when we tune into a certain station we get the music they are playing. When we tune into joy we get more joy and when we turn into fear we get more fear.

We can be afraid of our fear or simply use it as an indication or a guide.  Did you every play that game as a child where someone would hide something and then as you moved around the room they would say you’re getting hotter or you’re getting colder in relationship to the object?

We can use all of our emotions that way too. If we are feeling happier and more joyous we are deepening our spiritual connection and empowering ourselves. If fear is our predominant emotion we are strengthening our filter system and moving away from our spiritual connection.

When we use our emotions that way they all become a gift and an opportunity to create more of what we want.  The universe only has one answer to all of our requests and that is YES.

With love and aloha,