Aloha everyone,

The Toltec tradition teaches us how to change our point of creation from our mind to our spirit. Instead of creating our reality based on our filter system we can learn to consciously create our reality.

If you watch the news, listen to the economic forecast  and create your reality from the level of your mind you are likely to experience fear and create lack and limitation in your life. On the other hand if you deepen your connection to your spirit and watch the same news you are much more likely to find opportunities for success, abundance and prosperity.

The Law of Attraction speaks about energy vibration. We attract people, places and things that resonate at the same energy level that we are projecting. Our filter system is filled with limiting beliefs, agreements and assumptions so the energy we project is of a lower vibration. Our spirit is limitless so the energy we project from that level of consciousness is very expansive.

So the results you can create in your life, no matter how bad the economy is will improve exponentially as your connection to your spirit deepens. I am rereading a wondering book called, “Practicing the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence. He was a humble monk in the 17th century who through constant prayer developed a conscious connection with God. He was an amazing man in his humility and his love of God. He worked in the kitchen until he was no longer able to stand and then he made sandals. He felt loving his neighbor was the same as loving God. “He took pleasure in making them as content as angels.”

Brother Lawrence found that by giving, he received and by being of service, he was fulfilled. By letting go of his mind he was able to connect to his spirit. He called it practicing the presence of God. Worry is energy you expend creating that which you don’t want. So every time you feel fear what if instead of worrying you consciously chose to focus on what you do want to create?

Fear contracts so it creates lack and limitation. Love expands so it creates abundance and deepens our connection to our limitless nature. What do you want more of in your life?

With love and aloha,