I recently had someone from one of the e groups ask me about a comment I made about love. I had said, “Feeling loved is an enjoyable story, but a story nonetheless”

They asked, “So are you saying that it is not that important to feel loved…even though there is a sort of need for it in everyone of us?”

All of life is emotionally neutral until we tell ourselves a story. We can tell ourselves a story that creates heaven or hell for us.

My favorite story is about two fish swimming in the ocean. A shark swims by and says, “Isn’t the water grand!” Then he swims off.

One fish looks at the other and says, “What’s water?” The other fish doesn’t know either so they swim off looking for water. They spend their entire life searching, swimming from ocean to ocean. Finally, one day a turtle swims by and in despair they call out to him.

“Grandfather turtle, what is water?” The turtle swims slowly by, smiles and says, “My little friend you are swimming in it.”

As I see it, the universe is a vast energy system. The best way I can describe that energy is limitless, expansive, infinite, eternal, and unconditionally loving. In order to use the word love I had to shift my definition so it was free of judgment, rules and limits. To me love is the essence of that unlimited energy of pure creation. Everything is made up of that energy, there is no way to move beyond it because it is infinite and we can’t be separate from it because of its limitless nature.

So, we swim in a sea of love yet we spend so much of our life searching for love. If we tell ourselves the story that we are separate, we feel alone and disconnected from the universe. Yet we can never be alone because no matter what story we tell ourselves we are all one.

I often suggest people play the game of ‘there is no out there.’ There is often a great deal of resistance to that perspective, but when we adopt it we get to ‘see’ how our story stops us from experiencing the ocean of love always surrounding us.

We can limit our experience of love by demanding that it show up in a certain form. We can limit love by adding parameters or we can expand our experience by realizing everything is energy and as such an expression of love. I enjoy some forms of love more than others, but that too is based on my story.

I can stand out in nature and experience the wonder of creation. I can feel the wind and watch the trees and feel wonderful or not. I can walk out into the middle of an inner city and see decay and suffering or feel the energy of creation and be awed by its various manifestations.

No one does anything to us – we can choose to feel loved or unloved – there are no victims in life. There are only limitless, eternal, infinite beings having an experience and at times they choose to experience feeling like a victim.

The more we take responsibility for our experience the more likely we are to experience our true nature. We are limitless, expansive, infinite, eternal, and beings made of star stuff – made of unconditional love. And we are such magical magicians we can conjure up infinite number of experiences to pretend other wise.

It is all our creation – my suggestion is if you want to be happy embrace your creation and enjoy it. If you are feeling alone and miserable embrace your creation and be as miserable as you want.

There is after all, no out there.

With love, aloha and gratitude,

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