pebble with messageI am still in Lithuania and had the oddest dream last night. I was speaking at a church. It was the one I speak at frequently in Kona but it was in Vermont. It felt like pioneer times, very old and dust. I fell in the river on the way to the church. The water was surprisingly warm so I enjoyed myself and finally got to the church.

Everyone was depressed. Really, really depressed and unhappy. When I started talking about love they got very angry so I decided to talk to each person individually.

How to go from feeling unloved to knowing you are loved

I sat and listened to their stories about why they were so miserable. When they were finished I would put my hand on their shoulder and tell them, “You are loved, you are lovable and you swim in a sea of love. I  know you don’t feel that but I will show you how to absolutely know you are loved and you feel loved.”

Three simple steps to feel loved

Scout honor hand gestureAction is the key to changing how we are feeling.  If you do these simple steps every day I can guarantee your life will change and magic and miracles will become part of your every day life. So take a deep breath and make a promise to  yourself that you will take these simple steps everyday.

Hands up and promise you will give yourself the gift of feeling loved.

  1. This step is a big one and one I see people have the most resistance to, I cried the first time I did this but I did it daily and it changed my life – BIG  TIME!! Stand in front of a mirror and look directly into your eyes. Generate the feeling of love. Think about a baby,puppy, kitten, sunrise, sunset or your beloved. Once you feel love say to yourself, “I love you.” Do it until you really mean it. Do it at least twice a day until you really feel loved and then continue doing it because it feels good.
  2. Make a list of things you find nurturing, things that make your heart sing or at least feel good and are good for you. Keep adding to the list daily and do at least on thing on your list EVERYDAY. Make a date with yourself every week. You can take yourself out to lunch or it can be as simple as going for a walk someplace you enjoy. Feed your soul! Nurture yourself. (I had to look up the word nurture because I wasn’t sure what that meant or what it would look like.)
  3. Change your inner dialog. Pause as you move through your day and notice what you were saying. Inventory your thoughts. It is my hunch you will notice your thoughts are what create most of your misery. Once you do practice taking a deep breath and stopping your thoughts by sinking down into the silence in between thoughts. I often yelled Shut up to my mind and it would. Practice noticing your thoughts, take a deep breath and then say something loving to yourself.

NO ONE is unlovable. Some people’s actions maybe less than lovable but they aren’t their actions. We are a limitless being of life that at times makes poor choices.

My new, improved coaching program

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With love and aloha and joy and happiness,