rocks with wordsLife is and then we tell ourselves a story.

My story is that we swim in a sea of love and the only thing that is real is love. I’m saddened that so many people feel unloved or unlovable. Often people react with anger when I say only the love is real and that we swim in a sea of love because they are so desperate for love.

There is a story I love about heaven and hell.

thanksgivingThere are two rooms. In the first room people are sitting in front of a banquet table loaded with food but all the people are starving. They have long spoons attached to their arms and as they try to feed themselves the food falls off the spoons before it can reach their face. They live in hell.

In the other room people also have long spoons attached to their arms but they are laughing and enjoying feeding one another. It is the same banquet table but the end result are very different. They enjoy living in heaven.

Where would you rather live?

Are you willing to change your story about life so you can experience happiness, joy, love and abundance? What beliefs are you still holding onto that limit you?

If you need help changing your story I still have a few spots in my coaching/mentoring program.

With love and aloha,

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