The world is a vast energy system. One way to see the world is as a beautiful tapestry woven of colorful fibers composed of pulsating energy. The fibers graceful move and we respond with our actions, thoughts and feelings. An event happens and it is as if a string on a beautiful instrument has been invited to sing. Energy has been released and a sound echoes through the universe.

We can focus our attention on out there, on our thoughts and create a conversation with ourselves. We can ‘flesh out’ the event with our story or we can follow the energy within, see where it hooks onto our filter system, and notice our reaction. We can speak gently and lovingly with ourselves, unhook our attention and ask ourselves, “What would I like to create right now?”

Life can be an incredibly graceful dance in which we listen to the music and choose how we want to act or we can get lost in the threads and spend a lifetime reacting.

Where do the fibers in your life pull you and is that the direction you want to go? What song do you want to sing and what dance do you want to dance?

With love,

Life is but a dream – make it a great one!
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