Imagine a waterfall – a big waterfall

waterfallImagine standing behind a waterfall looking out at life. It is a big, rushing waterfall. As you look out at the world everything is distorted. The cave you are in feels safe but a bit constricted. When you reach your hand through the water your hand is pummeled so you pull back. The thought of walking through that raging torrent is terrifying and makes very little sense, unless you want to die.

At least with a waterfall you can see it, touch it, feel it and smell it. Your filter system is often invisible. You seldom if ever see life directly, what you experience is your filter system and think it is reality. Our beliefs are translated into ‘the truth’ they become our unwavering, truthful, accurate experience of reality.

Beliefs, agreements, assumptions and attitudes

Your filter system is a mixture of all of your beliefs, agreements, assumptions and attitudes. We, as individuals have a filter system, each country has a collective filter system, as do religions, various cultures and organizations. An intimate relationship can be derailed by the individuals filter system and their collective definition of what a relationship should look like.

Filter systems aren’t a bad thing. If we didn’t have some sort of a filter system we wouldn’t have a body or the ability to experience  physical reality. Filter systems only become a problem when we ignore their existence and make our decisions based on their limiting parameters rather than on what we want to create in our lives.

What DO I really want? What is my story about this?

We never have a desire for something without also having the ability to create it in our life. Unfortunately our thoughts often prevent us from celebrating the appearance of a desire and instead focuses on the disappointment of not having it already or worrying about how we can create it.

The most powerful change you can make to your filter system is to fully embrace the idea that the world is a vast energy system and that you have the ability to harness that energy to create what you want. Your thoughts are your tools. You use your thoughts to manage that vast energy of creation. Change your thoughts and your life changes.

Washing your brain

“This stuff seems like brainwashing,” said the student.
“Your brain needs washing,” replied the teacher.

Realizing that expanding your awareness of your filter system and deciding to release your limiting beliefs will set you free. All of your limitations arise from your filter system, clear that out and life becomes an incredibly magical experience.

Stay tuned for exercises to help you experience your truly limitless nature.

With love and aloha,