Wishing you aI’ve missed posting regularly to my blog. About two years ago I fried my laptop and bought an iPad as a replacement. It makes a great replacement for my Kindle, but not my laptop.

  1. Last week I bought a new laptop, a PC and after getting it all set up (not one of my most relaxing tasks) I’m back . . . and will be posting regularly again.

So here it goes:

Imagine what life would be like if being kind was the governing principle in everyone’s life or at least ours.

What if before we spoke we asked ourselves if the words forming in our mind were loving and kind?

Once spoken our words travel out into the universe. When I think of that, I have an image of those words moving out from earth, moving toward the edges of the known universe.

Every  word you have ever spoken is out there somewhere. Do you find that comforting or unsettling? When I think of the times I’m feeling peaceful and connected to my spirit there is a sense of ease.

So what are you putting out in your universe? Why not intentionally send out love and kindness today?

With love and aloha,

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