Lithuania 2010 018

When I ask people about finding their happy place most people think of it as an external place. Perhaps being some where with friends or with their beloved.

People tend to think happiness and all of their emotions for that matter are dependent on external circumstances. They aren’t, all of our emotions are generated by what I call our filter system, that inner dialog that is dependent on our beliefs, agreements and assumptions.

What a gift to realize you can choose your emotions!

What a gift, once we finally realize that we create all of our emotions internally and that we no longer have to change the world or our life in order to be happy or feel loved. We can allow self-loathing, feeling unloved and not feeling good enough to dissolve into the nothingness from which they arose.

We learn limiting beliefs and make assumptions about ourselves and life that create so much inner turmoil and misery. Isn’t it time to stop beating your head against the wall and allow happiness to be your natural state of being?

Listen to your thoughts and ask yourself am I willing to keep believing this lie?

Whenever you are felling less then happy, loved and at peace you have just bought into a belief, agreement or assumption that no longer serves you. In that moment change your thoughts.

Life is too short to fail to savor each and every moment. Your mind is much like a dog, it is trainable. Unless a dog is trained to go outside to pee or poop they will go wherever they are. Once fully trained your house is safe from nasty messes as long as you take your dog out on a regular basis.

Training your mind can be easy and fun

Unless you train your mind it will keep repeating limiting beliefs that make a mess of your life. So retrain your mind to remember you are perfect just the way you are, only the love is real and you swim in a sea of love. Once you do that, thought by thought your life will become magical and an experience you can savor and enjoy.

Next week: How to train your mind.

With love and aloha,

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