Photo taken by Barbara Mathews

I the past, I noticed that I would find a routine that works, I’d start feeling better and then I’d stop doing it. My thought was. “What’s up with that? Why do I stop doing the very thing that makes my life better? “ Eventually I realized the reason was, in a word – fear. I can make choices based on love that are expansive or make choices based on fear that are limiting.

We are all one, yet we successfully and continually ‘prove’ to ourselves that we are separate. We make choices based on fear while we tell ourselves we want result that require us to go beyond the limitations of our fear. We often do what is most familiar and comfortable.

Change demands that we step beyond our comfort zone. In heating they talk about a comfort zone. Once a thermostat is set it will allow the temperature to rise and fall a predetermined amount. It is referred to as a comfort zone because the fluctuation doesn’t affect the occupants’ comfort.

Our filter system also creates a comfort zone. As long as we stay within that zone we don’t have to question any of our beliefs, agreements or assumptions. As long as they remain in place, we will feel comfortable and we will also continue to get the same results.

I have found that it helps to notice the parameters of my filter system and consciously choose to go beyond it. My fear stopped me from doing the things that helped me go beyond my limiting thinking so I learned to turn toward my fear and walk through it. Now, when I find something that works and want to stop doing it I redouble my efforts knowing that freedom lies on the other side.

With love,
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