1. Rawles Williams

    Thank you for posting this exercise, I needed to take a moment to reflect and I’m grateful that you allowed me this opportunity to pause. I work in the wildland fire community, and it has been a rough week; an enormous challenge to grieve, integrate, yet remain focused on the task at hand – supporting those firefighters who are still engaged in the work they truly love. I appreciate this opportunity to share, and process.
    How am I doing? Perfect is the only response I know. My life is perfect in the sense that it is a reflection of my intentions. If the results I’m seeking are not presenting themselves, reflecting upon the clarity of my intentions almost always reveals muddled intentions – or more likely, they were weakly expressed in a confused fashion. Attending to my intentions has shifted everything in my Life, much like a well loved garden.
    Have I found my passion? I have always held my passion – yet the mitote in my mind, and my inability to realize how I was creating my own personal Hell, blinded me to the reality of the beauty of Life. Through practice (yoga, recapitulation, The Four Agreements, and other integrated tools), I have come to embrace both the positive and the painful . . . finding bliss in the difficult tasks as delicious as the joyful ones. Yes, I have found my Bliss . . . knowing that Rawles is not experiencing Life, rather Life is experiencing Rawlesness. This has been a powerful tool in shifting my awareness of what is.
    I thank you, Susan, for what you do. You helped me see my language choices and how they once limited my perspective of me. Before learning Toltec teachings from you, Don Miguel, and his sons, my life was a struggle, it was hard. Now? My life is a blissful dance with a full range of emotions – hot and cold. I am living my Dream.
    Much love on this wonderful July 4th.

    • Susan

      Happy 4th of July to you too Rawles. Bliss is indeed a choice and I am so grateful that you are dancing with all of life. The contrast of whatever is helps us shift our awareness or at least it can. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I love the idea of life being like a well tended garden. Glad you are living your dream!

      Sending you a big hug and lots of aloha,


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