Aloha everyone,

Thanks for all your messages and comments about my chicken Dale. I was very touched and surprised that so many people cared.

daleDale is enjoying her freedom. Here is a picture of her on her favorite perch. It is in the bushes in front of my carport. We have an agreement. She gets to go out all day but she has to come in at night to sleep and get her bandage changed. So far so good although last night getting her in was a two person job!

When I work with people I suggest they begin moving toward something. I suggest they make whatever they are moving toward emotionally rich, rewarding and downright juicy. That way they are willing to do whatever it takes and the journey becomes a joyous experience instead of something they HAVE to do.

When I began my spiritual adventures I was definitely moving away from emotional pain. At one point in my process I began moving toward happiness and joy. What a difference that choice made in my life. If we are moving away from pain we will create more pain to move away from and if we are moving toward pleasure we will create pleasure to move toward. So the question becomes what do you want to create more of in your life?

Dale certainly enjoys sunning herself on her favorite perch. I doubt if she spends much time worrying about anything. All in all she may have the right idea. She lets me earn our daily bread and she just enjoys the fruits of my labors. Maybe next time I’ll come back as one of my chickens. Have a great weekend and I will keep you posted about Dale’s adventures and maybe even introduce you to some of the other inhabitants of Green Acres as my friends lovingly refer to my home here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

With love and aloha,