buddha doodles greatest giftI have found the best way to feel ‘love’ or ‘loved’ is to be grateful for what is, whatever that is is.

Years ago I remember talking to one of my mentors and she asked what I was grateful for and I replied, “Nothing.”

I was feeling very angry and unloved. I had just lost anther job and felt hopeless to say the least.

She replied, “If you believe you have nothing to  be grateful for you are in BIG trouble.”

She was right but at the time I couldn’t see it. I had lost a job, had no money and had no idea where my next meal was coming from. But I did have friends. It took a serious suicide attempt and weeks to realize gratitude was the doorway to freedom.

I awoke in that intensive care unit with a determination to do whatever it took to change my filter system. The first thing I did was write a gratitude list of everything I could think of to be grateful for. Gratitude filled my life with a sense of hope and love.

The secret to love is to love. Love what is, be grateful and open your heart and mind to the sea of love that you ALWAYS swim in. Once you do magic and miracles will occur.

Love. Love what is. Be grateful and be open to the magic that surrounds you. Reach out to your Guardian Angel and be grateful that you are surrounded by loving, beings of light.

See what happens. I know if you these simple things your life will become an incredible work of art.

With love and aloha,

They send out a daily version Buddhadoodles and am grateful they allow me to use their images.