When I was a little girl my father was prone to angry outburst that included a lot of foul language. My grandmother immigrated her when she was 16. She learned to speak English while she was working on the docks in Brooklyn, NY. She also swore a lot. My mother hated swearing. Her standing comment about words ‘like that’ was, “English is such a beautiful language you can certainly find a better word to express yourself.”

My mom said it never ceased to amaze her that as soon as I started talking I also swore. She said I knew exactly how to use the words and to her dismay used them a lot. I remember getting hurt as a young child and telling my mom it hurt like a bastard. She asked me how a bastard hurt. I pointed to my knee and said, “just like that.”

Over the years I have gotten better about swearing, but I must admit it has become a habit. As often as possible I use some of the more beautiful, descriptive words my mom loved so well. One of my first students from San Diego was visiting one day. I did something and said God Damn It. She looked at me, smiled and said, “ How about saying Goddess Bless instead?

I hadn’t thought much about it until recently. After I returned from Egypt I decided to practice smiling from my spirit throughout the day. Simply breathing deeply, standing up real tall, connecting with my spirit and smiling. It feels wonderful so I remember to do it often. The other day one of my students mentioned that one of my recorded classes starts out with and angry God Damn It and continues with me speaking in a soothing voice. She laughed and said she enjoyed it a lot. It got me thinking.

One of my spiritual mentors told me I could to tell the depth of my spiritual connection by my driving. When I turned into the mad woman from NY I wasn’t very connected. These days I can tell whether I am connected or not by my patience level with technical things. Obviously the day I recorded that class it wasn’t there.

So, I have decided to change my habitual speech. After all breaking habits and routines is one of the best exercises to rattle loose pieces of our filer system. So starting today I will continue to smile from my spirit and begin to stop using my favorite string of words and replace them with Goddess Bless. Time will tell how well that will work. I’ll keep you updated if this God D!*!#n computer – I mean if this Goddess Bless computer will cooperate.

With love and a sheepish grin,