What is it you would like to create this year? And are you willing to focus your attention in a different way to get it?

For any real change to occur in our lives we need to change our thinking. Your old way of thinking created what currently exists in your life and if you want to create something else you need to learn to think and feel differently. It is very simple. It is much like learning a new language. It is simple and it takes concerted effort and practice.

The basic question is are you willing to put forth the necessary effort to make it so? I’ve found that most of us have the ability to make ourselves sufficiently miserable to become willing to put forth that effort. The biggest difference in my life today is I listen to the gentle whispers and then change. I no longer have to wait for trauma, drama or a hurricane to decide it is time to make a different choice.

So this year perhaps experiment with being willing to do whatever it takes to create the life of your dreams. My life truly is magical and I am so glad I took the necessary steps and changed my filter system so I could make it so. Here is a video I made with images from my life.

May 2009 bring you everything you could possible want or need with ease!

With love and aloha,