Well I doubt that the earth is real happy or upset for that matter. The earth is just fine and if or when she tires of our foolishness she will shake her back and we will be gone like water on a wet dog.

I laugh when I see signs that say Save the Earth. The earth is going to be just fine, it is human beings that need saving. If we continue to treat the earth as we do chances are we will no longer be the dominant species. We will go the way of the dinosaurs and hopefully the next species will treat their home with much more honor and respect.

I am always amazed at how people treat this beautiful planet we live on. One day I was driving home and we hadn’t had rain for quite some time. The brush was dry and there had been several brush fires, a rare occurrence on the wet side of the Big Island. I was driving behind some young kids who threw their cigarettes out the window. They pulled into a driveway just before my house so I pulled up right behind them.

In a none to gentle way, I told them how I felt about fires and using the land as an ashtray. One of the girls jumped out of the car all ready for a fight. I smiled at her and said, “That is no way to treat the aina ( Hawaiian for land).” She immediately softened and replied, “Yes, aunty.” I have never again seen them throw garbage out of their car.

When I walk along I pick up trash and throw it away. I recycle, compost and use environmentally friendly products. I remember reading about the Native American concept that we leave behind a bit of our energy in each step we take on the earth. I often ask myself, “Am I leaving love or fear in my footsteps?” Even in the heart of the city I walk as mindfully as possible and touch the earth with gratitude and love. Of course, I have my moments where I fill each step with anger and fear but as soon as possible I return to love.

Maybe in honor of Earth Day decide what you can do on a daily basis to honor the earth and leave a loving footprint behind. Take a moment to pick up liter, drive less, walk more, recycle and walk in love. If enough of us stop judging and begin loving the whole world will transform in an instant.

With love for this great planet,

Only the dreamer can change the dream ~ Dance of Power