hawkThe other morning I was taking my parrot Sadie for our morning walk. Every morning I take the dogs and my parrot for a walk to go get the paper. My cat Bennie usually joins us as well.

Sadie usually coos and rubs her beak on my check. On the way back to the house she loves to put a few beak marks in the paper.

The other morning she began to crane her head around wildly, looking at the sky and squawking in distress. When I looked up I saw a hawk gracefully soaring overhead. I thought it was beautiful while Sadie was afraid she might be somebodies dinner.

I was amazed at her instincts. She is 21 years old and when I adopted her from the parrot sanctuary her wings were clipped. When I told the woman who ran the sanctuary I would let them grow out she told me Sadie had never flown and if I let her fly in my home she was likely to break her neck flying into a window.

The Power of Fear

Sadie enjoys our morning walks and climbing on trees in my yard. She seems to be a very happy bird, very domesticated yet she reached very strongly to the hawk. Much like us humans react to our filter system. We may believe intimacy is dangerous so we avoid it or choose people that aren’t trustworthy.

Whatever you focus your attention on you get more of.

The Hawk

The hawk returned a few days later. It sat on the top of my tallest tree making the oddest noise. At first I had no idea what the noise was but all of my free range chickens were craning their necks looking skyward, on alert. These chickens all weigh at least 5 to 6 pound. There is no way the hawk could fly away with them.

The hawk hasn’t been back for several days but all the small  birds I feed have made themselves scarce. Usually when I put sunflower seeds in their feeder the cardinals perch in the trees chattering away. Haven’t seen one in days.

Where is fear affecting your life?

If you are getting less than what you want in any area of your life fear is at work in your life.

How do these saying resonate in your mind and body?

I deserve a great life.

I deserve to have LOTS of money.

I deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

I deserve love.

I am an amazing, limitless being of love and light and laughter.

I am awesome.

I am the best ____________ (mom, wife, father, husband, student, you fill in the blank)

I was amazed to see how a bird of prey affected so many creatures around me. Your thoughts do become things. What are your thoughts creating?

As always I love reading your comments!

With love and aloha,

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