Where do you spend most of the time?

light of the ravenHeaven and hell are only a thought apart. The slightest change in perspective will make a huge difference in your experience of life.

You can watch the news and react negatively. You can get upset while driving in traffic. You can look at your bills and feel stressed. You can hate your body. You can want to change and never seem to get there.

OR …..

You can remember that you are the powerful creator of your life and create exactly what you want, thought by thought.

The world IS a vast energy system!

Are you getting tired of me saying that? Love in love out. Fear in fear out. Judgment in more of what you judge coming at you. By practicing love and acceptance you will find change just begins to happen. Change really is a matter of changing your perspective in the moment. Our thoughts are consciously chosen based on our realization that all of life is emotionally neutral and the realization that our choice of love and acceptance REALLY matters or they our thoughts are habitual.

Do you want to be right or be happy?

People always ask me why they are mutually exclusive. When we want to be right we want to hold onto some limiting belief, being right excludes acceptance, compassion and loving what is. The decision to be happy invites us to see life in the most expansive and loving manner.

Keep thinking like most of society and bliss will remain illusive. Learn to see life differently and happiness, joy, health, bliss become second nature.

Heaven or hell, it really is your choice. There are no victims in this universe just people caught in the illusion.

With love and aloha,

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