What are you holding space for?

The world is a vast energy system. We are constantly manipulating that energy with our thoughts, our beliefs and where we focus our attention. We either use the energy to create consciously or unconsciously.

So often we move through life unconsciously. We keep recreating the past and manifesting our fears. We can employ the energy of intent from the perspective of our small self or our spirit.

The more we clear out our filter system the deeper our connection is with the essence of who and what we are. That vast energy we call universe is composed of an energy that is limitless, unconditionally accepting, expansive, eternal and for lack of a better word pure love.
When your heart is open to and receptive to love there is no room for fear, instead the courage to listen to our spirit abounds. We are free to take the actions, think the thoughts and hold the space for our success, happiness and joy.

With love,