Motivation in the traditional sense often comes from a fear-based place. It is an activity that originates in our mind. It is often based on a judgment or attitude of scarcity or self-doubt and seldom comes from a place of self-acceptance and love. We often motivate ourselves by moving away from pain rather than moving toward pleasure. When we choose to move away from pain we create pain to move away from. In school, relationships, and the work place we are often motivated by external rewards or fear of loss or punishment.

Whenever we make choices based on fear the best we can create is more fear. If we make our choices based on love we create more love. Our personality self has an endless list of wants and needs, things to accomplish, objects to acquire, and goals to achieve. The more we feed our small self the more we disconnect from our spirit. Our motivation often springs forth from our mind or our small self, but you can change that.

At the other end of the spectrum is our inspiration. Inspiration occurs when we connect with our spirit. In that moment magic occurs and we see beyond our limitations. Suddenly the solution to an issue that seemed insurmountable becomes obvious. At some point in our life we have all had the experience of that moment of wonder when we connect with the divine within us all. It may have been as a young child, but it is always available if we are willing to listen to the quiet still voice of our spirit.

Life has a way of hooking our attention and assisting us in forgetting to take time to connect with our spirit. Notice how you motivate yourself and allow for the possibility you can begin to use love instead of fear. When you want to change something instead of thinking about how to change it take a few moments, get quiet and ask your inner wisdom for guidance on how to change it.

No matter what the question love is always the answer and fear is usually our default setting. Observe yourself, watch how you think about motivation and modify it until is resembles inspiration and is loves based.