It rained a lot yesterday. Thunderstorms and torrential rain. The overflow from my pond looked like a geyser.  The chicks had a waterfall going through their house. As I worked in the rain I finally gave up on clothes while I rerouted some of the streams and got the chicks into their old house so they could dry off. And then I went in and made guava jelly.

Today the sun is out and water has moved parts of my driveway.

As I write this the solar eclipse is happening. Imagine how frightening that event might have been had you lived thousands of years ago. The stories one might tell themselves about the sun being eaten by darkness. Today people with solar eclipse glasses are watching, some with awe, some with curiosity and some with a belief energetically it is a time for new beginnings.

Life is and then we tell ourselves a story. Based on that story we create all of our emotions and invite people, places and things into our life. Once we are aware of the story change becomes so much easier. I love helping people find their story and change it into a story that creates outcomes they LOVE.

I truly believe that happiness, joy, abundance and inner peace are our birthright. Unfortunately we aren’t taught how to stay connected to that wonderful way of being. You really are limitless.

If you are ready to have the life of your dreams and embrace your birthright I have several openings in my coaching/mentoring program. You can use this link to sign up for a free session.

Make today the best day ever …. do something kind and nurturing for yourself, commit a random act of kindness and just fill yourself with a feeling of love, laughter and joy. See what happens!

I am so grateful I said yes to my mentors even though I thought I could do it alone and I certainly couldn’t afford them. Without them I know I wouldn’t be living in my beautiful home in Hawaii helping others. Isn’t it time you really change those old stories and set yourself free? I’d love to help.

With love and aloha,