Last night I had a wondrous dream. Life was like a beautiful painting, painted on the surface of the water. When you ran your hand through the water ripples erased what was and your life changed immediately.

As I played with the surface of the water I began to realize my emotions, how I was feeling dictated the next set of images. I could change my life with my emotions rather than have the events in my life control my emotions. What a switch! The more I played the easier it became to create what I wanted and erase events I didn’t want. I could easily control my life!

Using conscious thoughts to create an amazing life

When I woke up I realized once again the power of  our thoughts. Whatever we focus our attention on we get more of but my dream took it to a deeper level. My dream made it clear that my emotions played a key role in what I created next.

It was like there was a huge grid that magically filled in based on whatever emotions I was emitting. Love expands while fear contracts. If I feel joy the next creation is joyous. If I am fearful and judgmental the next creation is unpleasant at best.


A wonderful practice

Take some time to focus on joy. Think about beautiful sunrises or sunsets, walks on the beach, a snuggle from a puppy or a purring kitten, a laughing baby or being in the arms of your beloved. Think about things that bring you joy no matter what is happening in your life and watch the magic unfold. Suddenly your life will get better.

Just like ripples in the water your life will change. Consciously choose what emotions you allow yourself to have. When you feel anything less than joy make a new choice. Consciously think thoughts of joy, relax and feel joy.

If you do that on a regular basis  your life will improve and magic and miracles WILL become part of your daily life. Enjoy your wonderful new life!

With love and aloha,