I have been in Lithuania and Latvia for the past month. Today I leave for the USA. I love the people and the countries and I will be very glad to get home. I am looking forward to the enthusiastic welcome of my four dogs and the aloof hello from my cats.

Filter systems are such an amazing thing. Last year this time I was on my way to Vermont to pick up my dad. In June I shared the process of helping my dad transition. It was such a beautiful experience, filled with tenderness and love. In my wildest imaginings I never imagined being so close to my father and feeling such tenderness, immense gratitude and unconditional love. That was only made possible by me letting go of my filter system and all my old stories about my relationship with my dad.

It really never is too late to have a happy childhood. I always knew releasing your personal history was a  gift but as I reflect over the past year that idea has taken on new meaning.

The finally day of the workshops in Lithuania I was moved to tears when one of the women in the workshops had a choir come in and sing “Over the Rainbow” to me. I have always loved that song and was so deeply moved by that experience.

When I got back to my room I had an email a woman had sent out to a variety of organizations with the title, “Gregg brags about murdering her father.” It was a very strong reminder how our filter system creates our reality. What is really real lies beyond the awareness of our minds.

If you haven’t yet, I recommend you let go of your stories about what was and really allow yourself to fully focus on what you want to create.

Talk to you again soon!

With love and aloha,