When we say or think, “I choose to create” that implies we are both the choice maker and the creator. We are one and the same there is no separation.

When I first started playing with my ability to create I felt very separate. There was me in here wanting something out there. The way I thought about me and out there definitely created the illusion of separation and in the process cut me off from the essence of who and what I am. Energetically, the moment I think in terms of you and me I place myself in a role devoid of true power. The universe affects me. I am a victim. I am no longer a creative force in the universe.

If what you want is outside of yourself happiness remains illusive. When you realize you already have it all happiness is just a thought away.

I found it most useful to play with the difference between wanting and having. Observing how each of them felt. When I want something there is a desire, a longing. When I have something there is a sense of solidness, ease and knowing.

Having and wanting are very different. Knowing you are one with everyone and everything is very different from believing there is an ‘out there’ from which we can wrestle our happiness.

Feeling separate is a gateway to powerlessness and fear. Letting go of the illusion of out there leads to freedom, happiness and joy.

What do you choose to create and do you choose to create at all?

With love,

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