Angelscover I’m just writing a quick note to let you know I’ve decided ask for some help to publicize my new book, The Encyclopedia of Angels.

To help get the word out and I’ve contacted some of my favorite people and asked for a really big favor.

What did I want?

Well, I asked them each if if they would be willing to give you some of their best materials for free as a way to support my book and help me get the word out.

So far, I’ve had a fantastic response to my request and can tell you that the number of bonuses is looking pretty amazing.

I’m still confirming things and don’t have all the details yet, but believe me, this is looking absolutely wonderful right now!

I DO know that some of the bonuses are so good that only a small number will be available to the first who order.

If you want to be on the early notifications list and be one of the first to know, just sign up and I’ll send you a note as soon as the page is live.

This is truly a great opportunity and if you would like to be a part of it and get a bunch of marvelous self-development materials for free, go sign up now.

Encyclopedia of Angels

With love, aloha and a big Mahalo for your support,