bogomil-mihaylov-519207-unsplashTwo weeks ago my partner Bea had major surgery on her ankle. She was in immense pain and won’t be able to put any weight on her leg for at least 6 weeks.

That meant I had to take care of her, all the cats, kittens and dogs, 80 + chickens, the parrot and the garden. A lot for two people but for one over whelming.

As I wrote that list I realized I wasn’t on it. I was able to keep up that pace for close to two weeks and then I lost my voice and got sick.

Monday I woke up and my voice was a bit scratchy, Tuesday I was totally unable to speak. I quickly noticed an old pattern rearing its ugly head.

Get sick then I can take care of myself

Years ago I would get sick, take some time off, rest in bed, read and relax. I would VERY quickly get over whatever flu bug I had.

Once I noticed the pattern I realized I could choose to take a few days off, without being sick. I would enjoy my time off a lot more and wouldn’t have the residual coughing and hacking.

Yesterday I called some friends, gave them a list of things that needed to get done and each and everything did get done!

I asked for help!! And better yet I got it! Do you ever forget to put yourself as number one on your list?

Being number one in your life

What if you always put yourself first? What would change in your life?

A woman I worked with years ago would bend over backwards for her children. Taking care of herself was no where on the horizon. I would ask her, “What are you mirroring for your children.” She just couldn’t or wouldn’t understand what I was saying.

She was desperately trying to teach them to love themselves but her actions were showing them just the opposite.

Actions speak louder than our words

Years later I ran into her at a mall. Her children grew restless as we talked. One of her sons actually began punching her because he wasn’t getting his way.

We teach more by our actions than we can ever teach with our words.


  • Are you putting yourself first?
  • Do you really, mean really really love yourself?
  • We teach people and the world how to treat us, when you look at your life what have you been teaching?
  • Is it time to change the curriculum? Want help changing? I love teaching people how to really love themselves?
  • Want more love? Want your relationships to be more loving? Want the love of your life to show up?

Just think of me as the universal teacher or professor of love. index

Don’t know what exactly to call myself but do know if you want your light to really shine I am the one that can help you be number one in your life!

When your light shines brightly the greatest people show up and your life becomes magical.

With love, aloha and my voice slowly coming back,

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