Red kittenDo you ever suffer from the procrastination bug?

I used to make long lists of things I needed to do figuring I could simply check them off one by one. Instead I’d look at the list, feel overwhelmed and get nothing done.

Oh, I’d putts around, moving papers on my desk from one pile to another, perhaps straightening out a drawer.

Then I found my procrastinating was just a symptom, granted a debilitating symptom but not getting things done was really related to love. What?

Love was the answer

“No matter what the question, love IS the answer.” is one of my favorite quotes. not getting things done was just another excuse to be disappointed, to feel bad about myself.

My mentor had an easy solution. He told me to make a list every morning of three things I would accomplish that day. He said they had to be small and manageable and I had to be committed to getting them done. If the task was large he told me to break it down into small, doable chunks.

If I needed to clean the house put clean the bathroom on today’s list. And I absolutely had to be committed to doing the things on my list. I remember getting out of bed to do something I hadn’t done on my list.

3 Simple things

As I made a list each morning and checked the things off each night I began to feel  better and better about myself. At times I was tempted to go back to my long lists but I didn’t. I certainly get more than three things done each day but if I really want to feel good about myself keep my list small and doable.

What three things could you do for yourself today?

When our foundation is one of love and acceptance miracles happen. My life has changed so much since I started doing my list of three things.

Why not share your list of three things in the comment section and begin to open the door to miracles in your life?

My list today was:

1. Write a blog post

2. Work in the garden

3. Savor the moment

1 and 3 are already done and after lunch I will enjoy working in the garden. Without my mentors suggestion and holding me accountable I’m sure I wouldn’t be living in a beautiful home on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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With love and aloha,