imagineImagine what your life would be like if every thought, choice and action was driven by love?

What is your heart really longing for?

Do you just want someone in your life so you think you are loved or do you really want to be loved, honored and appreciated for who you are.

I guess, the bigger question is how do you define love?

What some people think is loving others may find controlling, hurtful and judgmental. They want to be right rather than be truly happy.

In broad strokes there is love based love and fear based love. Love based love is expansive, luscious, gentle and kind.

Fear based love is controlling, full of rules and abrasive, rights and wrongs are more important than sharing deeply and being happy. So often women settle for fear based love because they are afraid of being alone.

What is your soul’s intended journey?

To love and be deeply loved or to settle for something less? The answer to that question is governed by how you define love in the first place.

I beleive our birthright is to be happy, joyous and free, to be bathed in the energy of creation and to let our light shine.

The energy of creation is love, in the broadest sense of that word. Are you ready to let go of fear and fully embrace love, love based love or are you still willing to settle?

I believe we came here to remember who and what we really are and then enjoy life and have fun. This is a beatiful sensual planet.

Allow yourself to connect to your Goddess self. Be here, feel her and know you are her. Practice feeling that on a daily basis and watch your life transform into the glorious expereince you came here to have.

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With love and aloha,

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