Living in Hawaii I spend a great deal of time with the ocean. I love the hues of blue and green and turquoise that surround these islands. If you watch the waves long enough you can begin to sense their rhythm and get to know them. If you look beyond the waves you can see the currents of the ocean.

Often there are rip currents lurking in our waters. If you are swimming and get caught in one the current pulls you relentlessly out to sea. If you swim against it you will exhaust yourself and get no closer to shore. If you simply swim parallel to the shore and swim beyond the current you can let the waves carry you into shore. If you observe the ocean you can learn to use the waves and the currents.

Life is much like the ocean. The energy behind all of our creations is intent. There is the intent of our small self, rather fear based and myopic in its vision. There is the intent of our spirit, expansive and loving. And then there are the intents of the people around us.

If we pay attention we can get to know the currents – we can begin to feel the energy that runs through all of life and we can decide. Do I want to exhaust myself fighting the currents or find one that will take me where I want to go?

When I surrender and allow myself to connect with my spirit – when I let myself be buoyed up and nurtured by that current magic and miracles happen.

Play with your intent, play with your understanding of intent and see where it takes you. All I have to do is look at my life to see my intent. If I am happy my intent was to experience happiness and if I am a angry it was my intent to experience anger. I don’t have to change the world to change my experience – just modify my intent and allow my perspective to be fluid.

With love,