I love Lithuania. The country is so beautiful. Each morning I walk across the street to the lake and feed the swans. There are lots of seagulls and several swans. One is rather timid and seldom gets any food. It ducks when a seagull flies by and moves away when they pull at her feathers. The other swans chase away the seagulls. Same lake, same species of birds but a very different outcome.

Today I began teaching a three year long Teacher’s Training. Lots of people have come to attend the class, but my hunch is that three years from now there will only be a few people left. We are often so busy looking for the answers that we forget we are the answer.

There was a woman in the last workshop that sells nutritional supplements. She does ‘readings’ for people, convinces them that they have a terrible disease and then sells them the cure. I teach about self empowerment and creating our own reality yet people are so willing to give away their power and believe in someone or something else.

I often wonder why as a species we are so willing to give our power away. How is it we refuse to actually live as gods and so easily embrace feeling like a victim? There was a time in my process where I did that a lot. Someone would say something and I would hook into that wounded place within me and I believe. I would believe that there was something beyond myself that could make it all better. I would believe that someone or something could fix me and that I needed fixing.

Now I know when I feel that little catch in my stomach it is time to make a different choice. I am perfect just the way I am and I don’t need fixing. Perhaps an adjustment to my filter system, but at a profound level there is no out there so how can I step fully into who and what I am and enjoy the situation?

So I come back to the question, “What do I want to create? Happiness and joy or not. Do I want to remember I am the creator in my life or believe that external events dictate how I feel? It all depends on my answer to those questions. I long ago realized the quality of my life is dependent on the type of questions I ask myself and how I answer them.

So what would you like to create in your life and what beliefs are you willing to let go of to make it so?

With love and aloha,

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