The other day I was cleaning up my messy desk, one more time. Instead of judging the mess I accepted it and asked myself, “What’s the conflict in my filter system?” I like having a neat desk yet whenever I get busy with a project I let me office get very messy. So I looked at my conflicting desires. I like a neat, well organized office, yet I fail to put things away. After a bit of writing, patience and acceptance I realized the mess started with the first thing I failed to put away. When I wasn’t present in the moment I failed to straighten up my desk, I’d ‘get busy’ and not put things back where they belong.

I decided to use my desk as an guide post. I could tell how present I was by the condition of my desk. My desk has stayed neat longer than it ever has before because I use the mess to bring me back to the present moment. After all we can use anything to either deepen our connection to our spirit or to our filter system, even a messy desk. It has been fun watching me and my desk.

Life never ceases to amaze me. What an incredible gift everything in life is. I see all of it as an opportunity to see my filter system in three dimensional Technicolor with surround sound and all the bells and whistles. I can get impatient or enjoy it, be in a hurry to get ‘it’ or savor it.

A few days ago I had my beloved miniature Schnauzer, Mandy put down. She was 14+ years old and had begun to suffer. As I held her and the vet injected her I felt her life force leave her body. When I carried her out to the car I knew she was no longer there and that her furry little body had just been her vehicle. I was sad and I was also happy because I was blessed by her long life. I have lots of wonderful memories of her. So what do I want to focus on? Do I want to focus on her not being here and feel sad or rejoice that she was part of my life and no longer stuck in an old body that no longer worked so well? Guess it all depends on what I want to create.

Bottom line life simply comes down to us answering this question, consciously or unconsciously, “What do I want to create?’ If I want to create sadness I can focus on Mandy’s furry little self no longer being here and if I want to experience joy all I have to do is focus on all the happiness she gave me and the fact that she is free from a body that didn’t work very well any more.

So what do you want to create right now? And now? And now? What do you want to create in this very precious moment you will only get to experience right now? Love or fear? Happiness or anger? Joy or sadness? Your life will show you the result of your answers.


With love and aloha,
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