bear and bridgeIt is my sincere belief that 2018 will be awesome!

I’ve been doing videos on Facebook and realized I’ve let my blog slide and haven’t been posting videos on my site of YouTube. I’m back …..

I am very excited to share that I just signed a a contract with Hierophant Publishing to create Warrior Goddess Oracle Cards. I have wanted to produce a set of cards for a number of years and now they will become a reality! Dreams do come true if we set our intent and allow for the possibilities to show up. We can make possibilities to become probabilities.

What will 2018 look like for you?

If we watch the news we can have a very skewed version of what is possible. There can be fear and doubt or we can decide consciously what we want to create.

We do create our reality so do you want to create one filled with love or fear. The choice is yours, thought by thought and action by action.

When we watch the news we can have judgment and fear or realize there are events we just need to send more love to.

What is your intent for 2018?? There is power in numbers so I’d love to see you set your intent and post it in the comment section.

With love and aloha until next time,

My intent for 2018 is love, love, and more love and to invite more people to come play with me at my home.