Aloha! Can you believe the first month of the new year has all but completely left the barn?!

I was thinking about 2013 recently and all the potential and possibility that’s wound up tight inside these next 11 months—so much joy and positive energy and action just waiting to unfold.

But of course, depending on the thoughts we choose and the actions we take, all manner of things can unfold; not just the “good” stuff.

There are so many possible paths and so many possible choices leading from one path to another. And every day we’re asked again and again to make the best choice we can, usually in the “worst” possible moment.

The funny thing is, these so-called worst moments can become the best moments with the mere “flick” of a thought.

It’s all in how we choose to perceive what’s happening around us and within us that determines the action we’ll take and whether or not we stay on the best possible path our higher self has already figured out is perfect for us.

You know, the path that is filled with joy and gratitude and happiness instead of worry, fear, anger and lack.

That’s why it’s SO important to train your mind when the pressure isn’t on so that when things DO get crazy, you already know how to compensate and automatically make the best possible choice for your present and future life.

You really do have the power to create the reality you want to experience!

It just takes practice and some help from someone who’s already been down a few of the best (and worst) paths…

Today I’m announcing the opening of a new session of my Mentoring Program and you’re invited to apply for a spot if you think you’re ready to get serious about filling your life with more happiness, joy, gratitude, peace and abundance.

There are only four slots available for this session and the window of opportunity is a small one this time.

I’ll be accepting applications starting today and closing applications on Sunday, February 3rd.

Everyone whose application is approved will receive a free, one-hour private session with me where we’ll work on anything you’d like to focus on. This is the same $225 private session that is always available, but we’ll also be checking in to see if we’re a good fit and whether the Mentoring Program will be right for you.

With mentoring, I find it’s important that we both are committed and excited about the process and that you’ll be in it for the long haul. While a 1-hour session can often be a powerful quick fix for a current problem, it’s the commitment to consistent lessons and practice over time that really create the kind of life-changing results that we all want.

What to do next…

Fill out the Mentoring Program application and start the process now… I will only accept four students during this next session and there is a limit to the number of free sessions I’m offering as well. The earliest qualifying applicants go to the front of the line and will receive their 1-hour session first. I’ll let you know via email whether you qualify and I’ll send you a special link to sign up for a session time with me then.

I absolutely look forward to joining you on your journey into a brighter and joy-filled future!

With much love and aloha,